NXTZEN Ceramic Coating

NXTZEN Ceramic Coating and Graphene Serum

Enhance your car’s protection with NXTZEN’s Ceramic Coating and Graphene Serum products. NXTZEN advanced formulations offer unmatched durability against environmental factors while delivering a stunning, long-lasting finish that will keep your ride looking pristine for years to come.

Red Honda with fresh Ceramic Paint

What is NXTZEN Ceramic Coating?

NXTZEN ceramic coating is a durable glass coating made here in Australia. It produces professional-quality results and goes on smoothly to provide a sleek, protective finish. It has a high concentration of active ingredients that work together to protect your car’s paint over time. It also forms the strongest covalent bond for maximum, long-term durability. 

The product cures to a crystal-clear glass finish and has both high gloss and clarity. When combined, they bring out the best of your vehicle’s paint colours and reflectivity. 

There are four different types of NXTZEN ceramic coatings. Let’s go over them so you can choose the best for your vehicle.


NXTZEN Elite has a multi-cure surface protection technology built in to keep your vehicle looking its best. It is combined with a memory polymer that activates by heat, ensuring a high-quality look over time. Your vehicle will be able to retain its high gloss finish with a self-heating effect. This effect minimises minor imperfections that can occur with low-grade ceramic coating. It comes with a hydrophobic finish that applies smoothly. The coating also reduces contamination from weather and other external factors. 

Ceramic Professional

The Ceramic Professional line is a hybrid formulation. It combines durability, chemical resistance, and contamination resistance to help with establishing a long-term hydrophobic effect on your vehicle. Utilising a Silicone Carbide (SI) component, it creates a permanent, covalent bond to your vehicle’s surface. This comes with resistance to both low and high pH levels (for example, acids and alkalines). 

This line uses technology borrowed from the optometry industry that is used in the development of contact lenses to produce a smooth finish with exceptionally high clarity. You are left with a super-slick finish that stays intact for a longer period of time and avoids defections like water spotting. Your vehicle will have a superb outer layer that is chemical resistant and enhances darker colours.


The L-Coat ceramic coating product is a bit more flexible and is designed for your vehicle’s leather and vinyl interior. The “flex” nature of the product is designed to move with the contours of the surface without comprising the structure of the coating. L-Coat is also made with a high concentration of active ingredients that enhance the natural “non-stick” effect of leather and vinyl interiors. It is resistant to stains and dye-transfer from clothing, meaning you won’t leave any scuffs or blemishes with frequent use. This resistance also makes cleaning a breeze, which helps with routine maintenance and upkeep. 

The product is specially designed to minimise any added gloss to the leather or vinyl surface. This maintains the natural factory satin-like appearance of the surface. It comes with a 3-year protection guarantee.

Glass Coat

NXTZEN’s attention to detail also yielded a glass coat line. Glass Coat bonds with industrial glass surfaces for a durable, superhydrophobic effect that “self-cleans.” With Glass Coat, driver vision is drastically improved and helps enhance wiper functionality across the windscreen surface. This coating allows small rain droplets to roll off the windscreen without staining or leaving blemishes. Glass Coat also prevents your wipers from shuddering. This allows for smoother application over the surface of your windscreen.


The entire NXTZEN is backed by stringent scientific testing from the Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO). CSIRO improves the lives of Australians by providing testing for everyday products. They have conducted independent testing on all NXTZEN products to prove that the materials resist corrosive chemicals like Pancreatin.

White Tesla Ceramic Coating - Solar Styles

What is Pancreatin?

Pancreatin is a digestive enzyme that is corrosive to automotive coats. It is often found in bird and bat droppings. Thanks to independent testing from CSIRO, NXTZEN products have been shown to protect your vehicle from exposure to Pancreatin.

Why Solar Style?

Solar Style is dedicated to providing exceptional craftsmanship, attention to detail, and friendly customer service on all jobs. Our Brisbane detailing centre is located in Coorparoo. We provide paint protection, interior protection, window tinting, paint correction, detailing, headlight restoration, and many more auto detailing services. We proudly stock NXTZEN products, built in Australia for Australians.

Our NXTZEN Ceramic Coating Process

Step One: Request a quote for your vehicle

The first step is to request a free, no-obligation quote for detailing services. Simply provide some information about your vehicle and our team can provide a quote on how much it costs for NXTZEN ceramic coating application.

Step Two: Bring your vehicle in for an appointment

If you are satisfied with the quote, our team will schedule your appointment at your earliest convenience (based on appointment availability). There are loan cars available if required, so you can be back on the road while your car is meticulously cared for.

Step Three: Drive with confidence

Our team of highly-trained detailing professionals will undertake a chemical decon wash, clat treatment & single stage machine correction of your vehicle. All before applying the ceramic coating with attention to detail in our air conditioned worship. You will be leaving our shop riding in style.

Take the first step to NXTZEN Ceramic Coating

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Solar Style FAQs

The length of time to complete a NXTZEN ceramic coating application depends on several factors. This includes the size of the vehicle and your selected package. For example, a complete detailing with exterior, interior, and glass application will take longer. 

The cost of your service appointment depends on the materials used and labour based on the size of the job. Your free quote will reflect accurate pricing information including labour.