Tesla Paint Protection

The ultimate Tesla protection

While Teslas are extremely high-tech vehicles, even they don’t stand a chance against the harsh Queensland sunshine and everyday driving — causing the paint to fade and leaving scratches on the car. The last thing you want is for your new electric vehicle to look like you’ve had it for decades. That’s where our Tesla paint protection can help. With model 3 paint protection from Solar Style, you can drive your Tesla confident in the knowledge that it will keep its slick, showroom shine that it had when you first bought it.

Digitally cut Tesla paint protection film

To ensure your Tesla is protected from the elements, we recommend an application of Opti-Coat Paint Protection Film. This 0.2mm thick optically clear film is cut by a computer to custom fit your car. Once the Tesla model 3 paint protection film is cut to one of three sizes, it is professionally applied by our team. You have the choice of:

  • Standard front coverage — To protect the common areas that get hit by road debris, including the front bumper and side mirrors.

  • A track pack — A model 3 paint protection film that protects the entire front section and the lower half of the side panels.

  • Full vehicle coverage — Our most extensive option, which protects the entire vehicle from scratches by stone chips, tree branches or other sharp objects.

In addition to the damage from road debris, Opti-Coat protects your Tesla from animal droppings, which contain acids that can damage the stock paintwork of your car.

Ceramic coating for the best protection

For the best Tesla Model 3 paint protection, a ceramic coating is the perfect choice. Opti-Coat paint guard is a specially engineered formula that gives you a robust layer of Tesla paint protection. Nano-sized particles fill in the pores of the paintwork and form a slick, streamlined and water-repellent surface. The best part is that it features a self-healing top coat. Light scratches will not show up, as the coating reforms to maintain a high gloss — giving you extremely long-lasting protection.

Affordable paint protection in South Brisbane

If you are searching for “Tesla paint protection near me” you may be tempted to also search for “cheap Tesla paint protection”. With a range of packages to help you stay within budget, Solar Style is pleased to offer Tesla paint protection at a fair cost — giving you exceptional value.

We are Brisbane’s biggest and most experienced detailing, paint protection and tinting centre and we guarantee our paint protection film will not yellow or split for at least 10 years. To learn more about Tesla paint protection, cost or to book in your car, get in touch with Solar Style today for expert advice and long-lasting paint protection.