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All work is carried out in a closed and controlled air-conditioned environment to avoid contamination in our state of the art premises. We also stock high quality detailing products for you to use at home to maintain your car to the highest standards.

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Solar Style really is Brisbane’s leading window tinting and car care specialists. Everywhere you look you’ll find 5 star reviews for our amazing products and services.

Welcome to Solar Style, your premier car window tinting and automotive protective coatings specialist in Brisbane.

Solar Style has been a leader in car window tinting and car paint protection solutions in Brisbane for over a decade. We pride ourselves on our superior workmanship and absolute attention to detail. We understand that you want to provide the best protection for your automotive asset, which is why we only apply products we trust and would use to protect our own vehicles.


At Solar Style, we offer premier car services, including:

  • Window tinting
  • Ceramic paint protection
  • Paint protection film (PPF)
  • Interior protective coating 
  • Car detailing services
  • Paint correction
  • Motorcycle paint protection 

You can rest assured that our business does not settle for less. Our top priority is ensuring your car is serviced to the highest possible standard. All our work is carried out in a closed and controlled air-conditioned environment to avoid any contamination of your vehicle. We also stock only the finest state-of-the-art detailing products you can use at home to maintain your car in pristine condition. 

If you have any questions concerning our packages, please contact our team, who would be delighted to assist.

The time it takes to complete a detailing or car window tinting in Brisbane depends on several factors, such as the vehicle’s size and your selected car detail package. Generally, a basic detailing service can take a few hours, while a more extensive car detail can take several hours or even a whole day. 

At Solar Style, you can choose from our premium wash, interior/exterior detail, maintenance detail and full detail/pre-sale detail so your car is in its prime selling condition.

Our car window tinting in Brisbane can take anywhere from one to four hours, depending on the number of windows being tinted and the type of tint film used. We strongly suggest discussing the options for window tints in Brisbane with our experienced staff, who are experts in car tinting rules and regulations in Queensland. 

The Paint Protection Film (PPF) we use, like Suntrek Ultra, guarantees protection from splitting, cracking and yellowing for up to ten years. This paint protection film is a 0.2mm clear film custom fit to your car to protect your painted surface. Its self-healing top coat reforms and repairs light scratches in the film and maintains an appealing high gloss finish. 

This differs from ceramic coating, a liquid polymer applied to the vehicle’s exterior paint. It forms a chemical bond with the paint surface, creating a hydrophobic layer that repels water, dirt and other contaminants and enhances the vehicle’s appearance.

The Opti-guard fabric we use creates a superhydrophobic coating to your vehicle’s interior to protect fabric seats, carpets, fabric convertible tops and other textile surfaces. Should you spill a liquid, the surface repels the substance, and the liquid simply slides off without penetrating or staining the material. Alternatively, opt for the Opti-guard leather/vinyl protection to protect leather seats and dashboards from premature ageing or cracking. 

Our expert team will lightly vacuum your car’s interior, wipe surfaces and clean your windows before applying Opti-guard fabric to all carpets, mats and fabrics or Opti-guard leather/vinyl to all leathers, vinyls and plastics. Surfaces coated include seating, door trims, dash & centre console, interior plastics and the boot area.

At Solar Style, our window car tints in Brisbane include:

  • Rayno Phantom S5 — Rayno’s Phantom series is the world’s first carbon ceramic film developed with a unique, patented formula to exceed competitors’ optimal film performance standards.
  • 3M Scotchtint Black — 3M™ Colour Stable’s appearance rivals tinted factory glass, never turns purple and delivers on high heat rejection minus the signal interference.
  • Rayno Phantom S9 — Rayno Phantom’s nano-scaled carbon particles provide top-notch colour stability without compromising clarity. Its nano-encapsulated ceramic particles offer lasting durability and excellent heat rejection.
  • 3M Ceramic IR — Ceramic IR delivers excellent infrared rejection for optimal comfort and is available in a popular neutral colour. This 3M technology is compatible with 5G devices to stay connected.

At Solar Style, we will take our time to discuss the options for your window car tinting in Brisbane, considering the amount of light you wish to enter, cost and durability.

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