Restore car paint to new condition with Brisbane’s premier ceramic coating

What is Optimum Paint Guard?

Optimum Paint Guard is a ceramic paint coating designed to protect the paint surface from bird droppings, acid etching and other corrosive substances that can damage car paint. Optimum Paint Guard will produce a harder than factory finish that is noticeably easier to maintain and easier to clean.

How does it work?

Unlike other ceramic coatings in Brisbane it provides a durable, long-term protective coating for your car’s paint.

Not only does dirt and debris negatively affect automotive paint, but so do the harsh chemicals used to clean your investment. So, Optimum Paint Guard ensures robust automotive paint protection to safeguard your vehicle against these chemicals as well as other pollutants. Further, it creates another layer of protection against everyday wear and tear from road debris and environmental driving hazards.

What Makes Opti-Coat So Different?

You work hard to ensure the quality of your automotive investment.

Therefore, it makes sense to provide another layer of automotive paint protect for the care of your vehicle. Optimum Paint Guard can protect your vehicle against these corrosive substances. Think about it, if your vehicle is subjected to harsh weather conditions and cannot be stored indoors, Optimum Paint Guard provides that shelter from the storm for your car’s paint. And even if your vehicle is stored indoors, it is still victim to harsh road conditions when you travel. You work hard; let Optimum Paint Guard work hard for your car and provide the superior automotive paint protection you have earned.


Booking car paint protection in Brisbane

When you book solar guard paint protection, Solar Style has a range of packages to choose from. Optimum paint guard is included in the silver package and above, and we’ll provide a detailed, personalised quote once you let us know the make and model of your vehicle. Once your application of solar guard paint protection is booked in, bring your vehicle to our workshop in Coorparoo and we will take care of it.

You’ll need to leave your car with us for a while. Application of the protective coat takes at least 2-3 hours, and there is preparation to be carried out in advance such as washing, de-waxing and removing any contaminants. We recommend allowing at least 5 hours for us to complete an application for car paint protection in Brisbane. To get a detailed quote and to book your ceramic coating appointment in Brisbane, contact us at Solar Style today.


Application Process of Paint Guard

We have become the leading and trusted provider of ceramic paint protection in Brisbane because of our meticulous and detailed application process. Here are the steps we take to apply Paint Guard on your car:

  1. Car assessment — We first inspect the vehicle’s paint for swirling/marring/scratches and advise whether the car will need additional paint correction. An inspection for damaged will also happen during this time (another inspection will happen after the vehicle is washed as if the vehicle is dirty not everything can be seen).
  2. Chemical Decon wash — We then thoroughly clean the car paint and rims doing a chemical decon wash, followed by a clay treatment on the vehicle to remove all foreign particles ready for the machine correction. We make sure that the pre-cleaning process is thorough to ensure stronger adhesion and longevity of the Paint Guard coating.
  3. Dry down process — After the chemical decon wash the vehicle is dried using drying towels and the air line to blow out all excess water in crevices etc. Door jambs will also be wiped out and dried with drying towels.
  4. Paint Correction — The next step is to remove any swirl marks or micro scratches on the surface of your car. We achieve the desired finish by doing a machine correction on the painted surfaces of the vehicle using high-grade machines & polishing pads.
  5. Paint Prep — After the machining of the painted surfaces, we also perform a deep cleaning using isopropyl alcohol to ensure the removal of all oils and waxes from polishing compounds are removed from the surface.
  6. Applying Paint Guard — Using a thin and smooth micro-fibre cloth completely moistened with the Paint Guard, we apply a swift and even coating of the product on your car a panel at a time. With our lights ensuring we minimise high spots giving the car an even coating over all painted surfaces.
  7. Final Stage & QC — Final stages of the process are interior vacuumed, interior wipe down, tyres dressed, outer wheel faces coated and a last quality control check over before the vehicle is moved into position ready to cure.

Our rigorous application process ensures that your car will have a radiant Paint Guard finish that lasts.Our ceramic paint protection in Brisbane is long-lasting. However, regular maintenance can help ensure the longevity and optimal performance of the Paint Guard coating. The maintenance tips below can help extend the life of your Paint Guard:

Use the two-bucket method

You can minimise swirl marks on the surface of your car by washing it using two buckets. One bucket will be filled with clean water, and the other should contain soapy water for washing. When you clean your car, rinse the wash mitt after each section. Doing so prevents dirt from contaminating the mitt, resulting in a cleaner wash.

Wash every two weeks

Whether you drive your car daily or only use it for weekend getaways, wash it every two weeks. This will effectively prevent the buildup of contaminants. Microscopic dust can penetrate through car covers, so regular washing is essential for maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of your car.

Avoid direct sunlight

Wash your car in a shaded area, as the heat from direct sunlight can harm ceramic coatings. It is recommended to wash your car early morning or evening when the sun is at its lowest levels. This protects the coating, prevents water spots and reduces streaking. If needed, use a specialised water spot remover.

Use pH-neutral car shampoo

When washing your car, it is advisable to opt for a high-quality pH-neutral car shampoo that does not contain wax or polish. This makes sure that your car’s paintwork is effectively cleaned without causing any damage or leaving unwanted residues.

Separate wash buckets and mitts 

Prevent contamination by using a separate wash mitt for the lower areas and wheels. Tires and wheels collect brake dust and carbon deposits containing microscopic metal shavings. By keeping these areas separate, you can further protect your ceramic car coating.

As one of the best providers of ceramic coatings in Brisbane, we advise you to follow the steps above to preserve the quality of our ceramic coating.


Paint Guard is a ceramic paint coating that protects your vehicle’s paint surface. It is a high-quality product designed to shield your car from corrosive substances, such as bird droppings and acid etching, which can damage the paint. This type of ceramic coating creates a harder finish than the factory paint, making it easier to maintain and clean. Without a doubt, Paint Guard is a trusted solution for those seeking long-lasting paint protection in Brisbane.

Paint Guard works by forming a durable, long-term protective layer on the surface of your car’s paint. This ceramic coating acts as a shield against various contaminants, including dirt, debris and harsh chemicals used during cleaning. It also creates a hydrophobic barrier, making it easier to wash away dirt and preventing it from bonding to the paint.

Paint Guard provides a defence against scratches, road debris and environmental hazards. Even with the challenging road conditions in Brisbane, Paint Guard’s advanced formula provides enduring protection for your car’s paint.

Generally, ceramic paint coating can last at least five to ten years. Paint Guard can protect your car’s paint for a long time, especially if properly maintained. However, the exact duration strongly depends on various factors, such as environmental conditions, washing frequency and maintenance level.

Regular maintenance — using pH-neutral car shampoo and avoiding abrasive cleaning methods — can significantly extend the lifespan of Paint Guard.

While Paint Guard provides an extra layer of protection, it cannot completely prevent all types of scratches. However, it does offer enhanced resistance against minor scratches caused by everyday driving hazards and contact with brushes or other objects. The ceramic coating forms a durable barrier that acts as a sacrificial layer, absorbing the impact and minimising the depth of scratches.

However, more severe scratches may require professional paint correction, so it’s important to follow proper car care practices.

No, Paint Guard will not alter the original paint colour of your car. It is specifically formulated to be transparent and maintain the natural appearance of your vehicle’s paintwork. In fact, the ceramic coating enhances the clarity and depth of the paint, giving your car a glossy and vibrant finish.

Whether you have a red, blue, black or any other coloured vehicle, Paint Guard will preserve its original colour and provide excellent protection without any noticeable colour changes. Paint Guard ensures that your car’s paint retains its factory-fresh look while making the exterior more durable and easier to clean

To get Paint Guard for your vehicle and experience the benefits of ceramic coatings in Brisbane, please contact us. We offer professional car paint protection in Brisbane, including the application of a Paint Guard. Our team of experts will assess your vehicle, provide a detailed quote based on your specific requirements and schedule an appointment.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to discuss how we can improve your car’s exterior and book an appointment. Our experienced technicians will ensure a meticulous application of Paint Guard, giving your car long-lasting paint protection in Brisbane.

After applying Paint Guard to your vehicle, it is essential to follow proper maintenance practices to maximise the performance of the ceramic coating. We recommend using the two-bucket method when washing your car to minimise swirl marks, washing every two weeks to prevent the buildup of contaminants and avoiding direct sunlight during cleaning.