Restore car paint to new condition

What is Optimum Paint Guard?

Optimum Paint Guard is a ceramic paint coating designed to protect the paint surface from bird droppings, acid etching and other corrosive substances that can damage car paint. Optimum Paint Guard will produce a harder than factory finish that is noticeably easier to maintain and easier to clean.

How does it work?

Unlike other ceramic coatings it provides a durable, long-term protective coating for your car’s paint.

Not only does dirt and debris negatively affect automotive paint, but so do the harsh chemicals used to clean your investment. So, Optimum Paint Guard ensures robust automotive paint protection to safeguard your vehicle against these chemicals as well as other pollutants. Further, it creates another layer of protection against everyday wear and tear from road debris and environmental driving hazards.

What Makes Opti-Coat So Different?

You work hard to ensure the quality of your automotive investment.

Therefore, it makes sense to provide another layer of automotive paint protect for the care of your vehicle. Optimum Paint Guard can protect your vehicle against these corrosive substances. Think about it, if your vehicle is subjected to harsh weather conditions and cannot be stored indoors, Optimum Paint Guard provides that shelter from the storm for your car’s paint. And even if your vehicle is stored indoors, it is still victim to harsh road conditions when you travel. You work hard; let Optimum Paint Guard work hard for your car and provide the superior automotive paint protection you have earned.


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