Opti-Guard + Interior

The ultimate protection for your car interior

Opti-Guard Interior Fabric Protection

Superhydrophobic, Long-term Protection Opti-Guard Fabric creates a superhydrophobic coating to protect fabric seats, carpets, fabric convertible tops and other textile surfaces.

When liquids come in contact with Opti-Guard Fabric and closed loop textiles, the surface repels the substance and liquids roll off without penetrating or staining the material. Additionally, for materials with an open structure such as plush carpets where liquids are able to penetrate the surface, the coating prevents any penetration of the fibres and permanent staining of the material.

How Does it Work?

Opti-Guard Fabric forms a strong bond with the fibres to prevent removal during cleaning.

This bond between the substrate and the coating creates a surface that produces a very high contact angle when in contact with liquids. Due to this extremely high contact angle, liquids are anable to attach or penetrate the fibres and are repelled in droplets. When combined with Optimum Fabric Cleaner & Protectant, the Opti-Guard system provides permanent protection for these surfaces.

OPTI-GUARD Leather/Vinyl Protection

Maximum UV Protection for Leather & Vinyl

Opti-Guard Leather & Vinyl creates a hydrophobic coating with concentrated UV absorbers to protect leather seats and dashboards from premature ageing, cracking, and other damage such as colour transfer and staining of leather seats.

Opti-Guard Leather & Vinyl is an acrylic hybrid resin that creates a strong, yet flexible coating for these softer surfaces and high resistance to chemicals. The coating contains special matting agents to maintain the original factory appearance of the surface it is applied to.

How Does it Work?

Opti-Guard Leather & Vinyl is applied liberally to the surface and left to be absorbed by the substrate.

The resin penetrates the surface to produce a permanent bond within the material. This is particularly important for leather seats that are subjected to constant wear and abrasion. As the coating soaks deep within the leather, it is resistant to being removed through normal use.


  • Interior is lightly vacuumed & inside of windows are cleaned.
  • All surfaces wiped down to clean surfaces.
  • Opti-Guard Fabric applied to all carpets, mats, and fabrics.
  • Opti-Guard Leather/Vinyl applied to all leathers, vinyls, plastics.
  • Surfaces coated include: seating, door trims, dash & center console, interior plastics and boot area.