Tesla Window Tinting

If you find yourself squinting into the sun on the drive home, or struggling to keep the temperature in the vehicle down in summer, then you may find Tesla window tinting makes life easier. Rather than handing your new electric vehicle to anyone, you’ll want to make sure your Tesla Model 3 window tint is carried out by a team familiar with the vehicle and with years of experience in automotive window tinting.

Tesla S, X or Model 3 window tint options

When looking for a Model 3 window tint, there are three main options for you to choose from:

  • Carbon window tint film — Excellent at reflecting light and keeping your car cool, the main drawback is that it can create glare inside the car.
  • Ceramic window film — Made with non-conductive particles, glare is no longer a problem but it can oxidise relatively quickly compared to carbon film.
  • Phantom nano carbon ceramic window film — Combining the best of both worlds into one excellent product for a Tesla Model 3 window tint, there are virtually no drawbacks.

By working closely with industry-leading brands 3M and Rayno, we can provide different options for different clients, helping you find a balance between a low Tesla Model 3 window tint cost and superior, durable window tinting products.

Expert advice on the level of tinting you need

When searching for ‘a Tesla Model 3 window tint near me’ you will come across a number of technical terms and phrases. Technical terms such as infrared rejection, visible light transmission, nanoparticles and much more are often used without explanation. At Solar Style we know our way around the fine details of Tesla window tinting so you don’t have to – we will give you clear, honest advice to help you understand the options and pick the right one for you.

For example, when considering how dark you want your windows, you should be aware of the variations in state tinting laws across Australia. A Tesla Model 3 rear window tint that is allowed in one state may not be permissible in another. At Solar Style we ask where you will be using your Tesla so we can advise accordingly.

Decades of experience in the heart of Brisbane

From our fully enclosed and air-conditioned Coorparoo workshop, Solar Style brings over 10 years of experience in detailing, paint protection, and window tinting to your Tesla. Whether you need a Tesla Model 3 rear window tint or a strip on the windscreen, you can trust Solar Style to give your car the highest level of professional care and attention throughout the process. To book your Tesla window tinting or to get more information along with a personalised quote, contact us online today.