Car Tinting and Paint Protection Packages

The ultimate window tinting and paint protection packages for your ride

The showroom shine on your car rarely lasts for long — but paint protection film helps to keep that glossy look for longer. It works by protecting the paint with a protective coating that prevents scratches and scrapes from the road and damaging UV radiation from the sun. Car paint protection price can vary widely depending on what protection film you choose and whether you opt to have the windows tinted at the same time. At Solar Style, we understand that when it comes to car paint protection film, price does affect what our customers choose. Our packages are carefully designed to make it easy to understand what you get and what you can expect to pay. Check out our competitive window tinting and paint protection package costs below.

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As Brisbane’s favourite car window tinting and automotive protection specialist, Solar Style offers the best car paint protection coating at the best price. To keep your car looking as great as it did on the day you bought it, get in touch with our team today. Request a comprehensive quote on window tinting costs and paint protection prices in Brisbane.

Bronze Package

from $1095
  • NXTZEN Ceramic Professional Paint Protection inc single stage paint correction - 5 year Guarantee

Silver Package

from $1595
  • Rayno S5 window film
  • NXTZEN Graphene Serum incl single stage paint correction

Gold Package

from $1895
  • Rayno S5 window film
  • NXTZEN Graphene Serum incl single stage paint correction
  • NXTZEN Interior Protection

Platinum Package

from $4295
  • Rayno S5 window film (upgrade to Rayno S7 or S9)
  • NXTZEN Graphene Serum incl single stage machine correction
  • NXTZEN Interior Protection
  • Full Front PPF (full wrapped bonnet, full guards, front bar, mirrors and headlights)

The Ultimate Package

from $7995
  • Full PPF
  • Rayno S5 window film (upgrade to S7 or S9)
  • NXTZEN Interior Protection

Additional Services

  • NXTZEN Graphene Serum applied to wheel faces only: $150
  • NXTZEN Graphene Serum applied to full wheels: $400
    (wheels removed)
  • NXTZEN Interior Protection: from $395
  • NXTZEN Glass coating: $150
  • PPF wear & tear kit: $350
    (door cups, door edges & boot strip)


Car paint protection costs can vary greatly depending on several factors, including the size of the vehicle, the type of film being used and the location of the installation. At Solar Style, paint protection film costs start at $1,095 for the most basic package to $7,995 for the Ultimate Package. Paint protection film costs may also change if you decide to add extras such as window tinting or interior protection.

Overall, when it comes to paint protection for cars, cost will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Check out our PPF and tinting packages to understand car paint protection costs better.

Yes, our paint protection film service comes with a warranty. This covers any defects in the material or the installation of the film. Remember that the warranty may not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear or accidents. Be sure to read the full terms and conditions to understand its coverage.

It’s generally not recommended to overlap paint protection film since it can cause it to wrinkle or bubble, compromising its protection for your vehicle’s paint. Overlapping the film can make it more difficult to remove in the future, as the layers can become stuck.

If you need to cover a larger area with paint protection film, it’s usually better to use a single, continuous piece of the film rather than trying to overlap multiple pieces. This will provide better coverage and a smoother, more seamless finish.

Yes, applying paint protection film (PPF) to a car with existing chips and scratches is possible. However, the film will not cover or repair the existing damage. It will only protect the area from further damage. The adhesive used in PPF can cover many defects, but some things can still show up or be enhanced under the film, such as rock chips or deep scratches/etching in the clear coat. 

If you want to cover or repair the existing chips and scratches, you may need to address these issues separately before applying the paint protection film. Let our professionals at Solar Style check your car’s condition. Contact us today and get a detailed quote.