How Dark Can I Tint My Car Windows?

There are many reasons to tint your car windows. Tinted windows block ultraviolet radiation from the sun, the type of rays that cause sunburn. This can keep you safe when you have to be at the wheel for a long time. On top of that, less light enters the vehicle, which can help keep the temperature down, especially helpful when the A/C might be struggling against the high summer temperatures.

Lastly, tinted windows give you some privacy from passers-by. But how dark can you tint your windows? Car tint laws vary from state to state, with the car tint laws in NSW being the strictest.

Follow the car tint laws in NSW and you’re set for the country

Window tint is measured as a percentage of Visible Light Transmission (VLT), so a VLT of 35% means only 35% of visible light passes through, and that 65% is blocked. Car tint laws in NSW state that 35% is the maximum tint allowed, regardless whether that is your front or rear side windows or rear window. If you want to be safe, tinting with 35% VLT means your windows are legal anywhere in Australia.

Darker tints on different windows in different states

Car tint laws in Queensland are slightly different, allowing for your front door windows to be tinted to 35% VLT and your rear side windows and back screen to be tinted to 20% VLT, darker than is allowed in NSW. Those in the Northern Territory are even allowed to tint both their rear side window and rear windshield to as low as 15% VLT, likely due to the intensity of sunlight further up North. It’s important to consider these differences in state laws, especially if you plan to road-trip the country. Removing car window tints can be both costly and difficult – the last thing you want to do right before or during an exciting trip.

Keep the windscreen clear

All car tint laws across Australia prohibit aftermarket tints on the front windscreen. If you find yourself driving into the sun frequently, a small band covering no more than the top 10% of the windscreen is the only tint option available to you.

Professional application of car tints

Whatever tint you choose, you’ll want it professionally applied. At Solar Style we have a state of the art, air conditioned facility and one of the most experienced teams around. Everyone on our team has more than 10 years of experience so they can apply whatever window tint film you choose, and you are assured of a top-quality application with no bubbles or streaks. For help with navigating the various car tint laws and to book in a car tint application get in touch with us online today at Solar Style.