Tips For Choosing The Best Window Tint For Your Car

Installing high-quality window tints is one of the best things you can do to boost the comfort of your ride. Whether you’re looking to remove glare, UV rays and heat from the sun or enjoy a little bit of privacy, choosing the right tint percentage will give you a smoother driving experience for long commutes to work and summer road trips.

What’s the best percentage tint for your windows? We’ve put together a few tips to help you answer this very question.

1. Check state rules

The first thing to consider is how dark your tints are legally allowed to be. Each state has its own laws regarding visible light transmission (VLT), which refers to how much light the tint allows to pass through.

In Queensland, only the upper 10% of your windscreen can be tinted to reduce glare from the sun, and it cannot reach below the ends of your windscreen wipers while they’re in use. There’s more flexibility over the tint percentage of your side windows, with the front drivers and passenger windows enjoying a 35 tint vs 20 tint for all rear windows.

2. Consider UV protection

With local temperatures sometimes reaching into the 40s and beyond, you should consider window tints that offer good UV protection. Some of the best percent window tints can block up to 99 percent of harmful UV rays.

3. Think about how the tint will look

Having darker windows will naturally change the look of your car’s exterior. Your aesthetic preferences and trends in car design will influence whether you opt for a light or darker shade with a 25 vs 20 tint.

4. Read product reviews

Not all window tints are created equal. Have a look at product reviews, speak to our specialists and review our completed projects to get a better idea of what will be the best percentage window tint for your car.

5. Leave it to the professionals

The window tinting professionals at Solar Style have the experience and specialised equipment needed to deliver a high-quality finish and ensure your tints continue to look great for years to come.

If you’re interested in seamless tints and protective treatments for your car, consider one of our specialised packages. To enjoy a smoother driving experience, reach out to our experienced team today — we’re happy to help.