How Much Does It Cost for Tinting Car Windows in 2020?

Are you looking for the right place to get your car windows tinted? Solar Style is the place to go for all of your car protection solutions. These Brisbane window tinting specialists will work around the clock and have your car tinted with the best products available, at the right price.

With years of experience, you can expect attention to details and superior customer service. How much to tint car windows? Window tinting service starts at $250. There are several brands with different materials you can opt for.

  • SunTek – Relying on innovative Carbon technology, SunTek promises great UV protection. Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty says a lot about the premium quality of this brand.
  • Rayno Phantom S5 – With its innovative carbon ceramic film, this tinting option is an amazing choice for those seeking the latest and greatest when it comes to tinting.
  • 3M Scotchtint Black – 3M utilises nano-carbon polyester. With its amazing look, it is a great tinting option we offer.
  • Rayno Phantom S7 – Much like Rayno Phantom S5, S7 comes with higher TSER values as well as IR rejection.
  • Rayno Phantom S9 – This Rayno Phantom S9 tinting option comes with TSER of 58% and IR rejection of the incredible 92%.

Are you wondering how to remove tint from car windows? You can stop by the Solar Style Brisbane facility and let the professionals take care of that for you.

If you are curious about how to tint car windows, reach out to Solar Style to find out why a professional installation with quality products is the key to a long lasting tint.