Best Ceramic Coating For Cars 2021

If protecting your vehicle against the elements is high on your priority list, your search for the best ceramic coating ends here. But first, what is a ceramic coating, and what benefits does it offer?

What is a ceramic coating?

Ceramic coatings are specially engineered formulations that, although invisible to the naked eye, form a robust layer of protection. The nano-sized particles contained in the best ceramic coating for a car fill in the pores of your paintwork, creating a slick, streamlined, hydrophobic (water-repellant) surface that is UV resistant, chemical resistant, and easy to clean.

Best ceramic coating for cars

If you are like most car lovers, attention to detail and outstanding workmanship are crucial. That’s where Opti-Coat comes into play. This industry-leading ceramic coating delivers the highest standard of durable protection. Independently tested by the Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation, Opti- Coat exceeds both operational and safety standards, making it the best ceramic coating for a car.

Experience the Opti-Coat difference

Utilising specialist Silicon Carbide (SiC) chemistry, Opti-Coat is an innovative product that has revolutionised the ceramic coating marketplace. Discover the benefits first hand. Get in touch with our Brisbane team for five-star service backed by over a decade of industry experience.